The Original Chicken Coop Condo

The ultimate in portable chicken coops!

chicken coop condo
The Original Chicken Coop Condo

Do You only want to keep 4 or 5 hens?

Or Maybe you need a place to keep your purebred chickens away from the main flock?

How about a safe spot for a hen with chicks?

Demonstrated on this site is a portable, modular chicken house that is approximately 4 foot by 4 feet. The height is 2 feet tall. The model is to have 2 nest boxes, a roost, and a large, easy to open top door on one end. They are also bottomless for easy cleanup.

Now EVERYONE can have chickens & fresh eggs in their back yard!

The Original Chicken Condo is designed for simplicity, durability and functionality.

Chicken Coop Condo Design Features

  • Modulal Design that can includes: Primary Coop, Chicken Run and/or a Wheelbarrel Extension
  • Wood screws are used rather than nails to insure strength.
  • The panels connect together by machine screws which easily thread into pre-inserted nuts.
  • Hardware cloth is used rather than chicken netting for better protection from predators.
  • Winterize with reusable clear Plexiglas plates to close off the open end of the Condo.
  • Capture heat from a drop light or Dietz lantern, for complete winter time comfort and safety of your chickens.


This modular design offers simplicity, durability and functionality. The Condo can be disassembled and reassembled for storage, transport or cleaning innumerable times with no damage to the unit.

Need more space? Two or more condos can be attached together to make unlimited continuous units in any combination, including the yard extensions! This type of versatility allows you to add units as your flock grows!

Chicken Coop on Wheels
Create a Mobile Coop by re-purposing a wheel barrel

The Wheelbarrow Extension is an inventive way to put your chicken coop on wheels! We connected the wheels to the base of the condo enable you to move the condo to a new site without removing the chickens inside!

Designed to Last

  • This design can last 15 years or more.
  • Safe to use all year round.
  • Keep your chickens separate during times of illness or before a show and still keep them safe from predators.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many folks ask about the bottomless design. Did you know that this method was used in England during World War II? People used their chicken coops over bare areas in their backyard Victory Gardens to enable their chickens to till the ground and fertilize the earth, hence the moniker, “chicken tractor”.

And once the crop had been grown and harvested, the chickens would then dig over the old crop, fertilizing the land again for the next year. This method also allows birds to have access to the natural elements that they need to maintain good health. Of course common sense prevails in area that have burrowing predators. In this event, it is easy enough to predator proof the bottom of the condo.